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BabyGym is an original programme created from a love of sport and healthy living. The programme builds upon many years of experience of physiotherapists, trainers and gymnastics enthusiasts. It is the answer to many questions about the healthy development of young children. Our mission is to support children’s development and educate parents.

We believe that by stimulating young minds in a fun and interactive atmosphere we help instil a love of physical activity in them. Our aim is to create a place where children acquire new abilities, conquer their first obstacles and discover the unlimited possibilities of their bodies. And all in the form of play, in the care of a qualified team of trainers.

Meet our team

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    Marta Szafraniec

    I have a master’s degree in physiotherapy, and am a sensory integration therapist. I have been working with children for many years, organising creative dynamic play, combined with elements of sensory integration and corrective gymnastics.

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    Aleksandra Kąkol

    Graduate of the University of Wrocław. A trainer of the youngest age groups with a wonderful approach to infants. A medal-winner in many dance tournaments in Poland and abroad.

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    Dominika Drewniak

    An acrobatics instructor and decorated competitor in that sporting discipline. Always smiling, she shows that the classes are a source of joy for her. She loves working as a coach. Acrobatics is her greatest passion.

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    Aleksandra Starczewska

    A graduate of Wrocław’s Academy of Physical Education, and a swimming instructor. She specialises in swimming with babies and infants. Her smile and her energy guarantee great fun during classes!

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    Arnika Dobras

    I carry out my own music and movement programme which assists the development of speech and understanding in children through movement, and workshops for parents who want to get to know more about their children’s potential.

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